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Stop wasting time and money on inefficient advertising campaigns. It’s time to get your budget to count, scale your business and explode your sales.

We have cultivated the skillset of combining Facebook/Instagram Ads, Email marketing, content creations and 100% correct tracking of all your marketing channels that ensures growth for your webshop.

All executing employees are naturally:
– Meta Certified Media Buying Professional
– Meta Certified Media Planning Professional


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Topholm Media is not your typical markting agency. We are a bi product of what old fashioned marketing agencies offers. We are dynamic, flexible and with us your company becomes a priority. 


No matter how good results were last week we always strives to do better tomorrow. We are a small agile team of dedicated and ambitious nerds that focus exclusively on your companies growth and revenue. We only measure 



On average ecommerce stores increase sales from ads by 20 – 40%. Learn more about today below.

Facebook, Instagram & Google ads

We implement unique media buying strategies, which help us scale your business. We stick to an agreed benchmark for ROAS once we scale up.


Creative production

We produce converting video content that helps us scale your business. This helps us maintain a positive ROAS while we scale up.


Email marketing

We set up all the necessary automations, sequences and flows to maximize your email marketing game.



Learn how we scaled an ecommerce webshop from 5000€ to 200.000 in 58 days in the months of January and February for a client in the fashion industry. 

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We will elaborate on social media marketing strategies we could tailor and implement for your particular business, in order to heavily boost the growth of your online business and online sales. 

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